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Why Pine Straws Make a Better Ground Cover for Your Landscape

Every home deserves a lovely landscape to make it feel lively. Healthy green gardens are appealing and calming, and they make a home lovable. Then, every homeowner is responsible for maintaining their landscape wonderful and healthy.

Maintaining a garden that is healthy calls for mulching to enhance your plants’ soil structure and decrease weed development. Mulching also keeps a yard looking neat. There are different types of mulches available, and they are developed from materials like wood chips, bark, pine straw, leaves, and so on. The difference in content brings about varying characteristics of each, and one particular type which stands out is pine straw or pine needles.

Pine straws come from evergreen trees and have several distinct advantages over other types of mulches. They cost less than other types of mulches, easier to move and handle. This makes them ideal for covering expansive areas. Pine straws stay in place during heavy rains, unlike other mulches which are washed away, causing a mess on the landscape. They also interlock during high winds, making them remain in place.

Pine needles do not develop crusts on them, causing them to stay loose and easy to crumble. This allows water to get into the ground, and their big air pockets prevent sogginess in soil and rotting roots. Fewer weeds grow through pine needles as is experienced with other types of mulches, decreasing the need for weed control chemicals which adversely affect the base of trees and roots. These properties make pine straws great for protecting your garden, mainly the tender ornamentals and newly planted plants.

Pine straws decompose at a slow rate and do not change the soil’s PH considerably, making them viable over extended periods. Their color and texture gives them an appeal which is more pleasing than other types of mulches. They create a carpet-like ground cover which is a perfect alternative for lawns in areas where growing grass is impossible. For instance, areas with heavy clay soils which do not drain properly, heavily shaded areas which do not support the development of grass and other plants, and compacted soil.

If pine needles sound like the kind of mulch you need for your garden, then you can reach out to a landscaping company which is experienced in handling the mulch to help you out. The more experience they have, the higher their capability and reliability levels. You might require buying your mulch from a pine straw company then assign the installation task to a landscaper, or you may find a landscaping company which can organize for the delivery and charge for everything altogether.

Make sure you do your research thoroughly on the kind of deals you can get to choose the most suitable one for you. Consult the Internet or an individual with a pine straw ground cover for advice.

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