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Assessing A Dog Attack Case With Utah Injury Lawyers

In Utah, dog owners must follow all laws related to securing their pets and lowering the chances of an attack. They must follow all leash laws and any ordinances related to enclosures. The pet owner must follow strict guidelines to prevent an accident inside or around their home. This includes placing their dog in a protected area to prevent access to visitors and service providers. Utah Injury Lawyers build cases for victims of the attacks.

Why the Report is Vital

The report to the animal control officer is vital as it lowers the chances of additional attacks. If the animal is dangerous to the public, the animal control officer is required by law to mitigate these risks. They must take action in the event that the dog has the rabies virus. This virus is fatal to all animals. However, there is a vaccine to prevent it.

How Does Animal Control Help?

The animal control officer must notify the dog owner of the attack. They must also request a copy of the dog’s vaccination records. If the dog owner doesn’t have any current vaccination records, the officer must issue a citation that requires a quarantine period.

Are There Additional Requirements?

Yes, the quarantine period lasts up to twelve days. The pet owner must take their dog to a licensed vet for this duration of time. They will be required to pay all boarding costs associated with the quarantine. They must also pay the full cost of vaccinations in addition to a fine issued by the animal control officer.

Applying a Strict Liability

A strict liability is applied upon the discovery of previous attacks. If the dog attacked anyone else, the attorney can seek the full award of a strict liability for the victim. This includes tort rulings for pain and suffering.

In Utah, dog owners must adhere to strict laws and guidelines. They are in place to lower the potential for a dog attack. The pet owner must mitigate the risks by separating their dog from visitors and service providers when possible. This can stop the events altogether. Victims of the attacks contact a personal injury attorney today.