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Ideas When You Seek To Keep Your Dog Safe From Fleas And Ticks

When you own any pet, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is safe and healthy by limiting infestation by pests since the pets are part of our family. With dogs, fleas are the most common external parasites and apart from the dogs they can also infest human beings dining on your ankles as well. Ticks are also popular external parasites which infest your dog but they are also harmful when they infest your dog, but they won’t only harm your dog but also as to your family. The ticks when infesting your dog, they can transmit different diseases such as Lyme and Fever thus the need to put measures in place to prevent their infestation. For ticks as well as the fleas to thrive, the favorable condition include high humidity of 50% and also relatively high temperature, and thus fleas infestation are common during the spring season.

It is very easy for any pet owner to diagnose when they pet is infested with fleas as the dog will tend to keep scratching. Another indicator that your pet has been infested with fleas is when the owner can spot little critters as well as white and black grains on the dog’s skin where the ‘grains’ are eggs of the fleas. You won’t struggle to detect when your pet is infested with ticks as they are visible on the dog’s skin and thus any homeowner will never struggle to help diagnose such infestation. It is also easier to limit infestation by ticks as one needs to use tweezers to remove the ticks since tweezers will give you a closer gasp to the skin. After one has removed the ticks, they can also clean the bitten area using an effective antiseptic. Although a dog will only react by scratching when they are infested with fleas, there are other effects such bacterial infections and anemia especially to small puppies. There is the need for one to put in place measures which will keep their pets flea-free and when you are seeking to protect your dog from the pests it is advisable to treat them when the spring season starts.

When out to limit pest infestation, treating the dog alone may not be the solution, but one also needs to treat their dog’s environment as well. When treating your pet against flea infestation, ensure that you also treat the carpet, the yards, your dog’s bedding and also your car to effectively limit infestation. When you seek to limit infestation, you also need to remove fleas from other pets in your compound. It is easier for any homeowner to diagnose when they pets are infested with ticks and fleas and there is also dependable treatments which will help you eliminate the pests such as Advecta.

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