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  • More Than Just 911: Your Phone In An Emergency Can Save Your Family’s Life

    Stop worrying, and simply pick up the phone and call a highly qualified attorney. Finding one that has served the community, and who people like and trust won’t be too difficult. Attorneys that work with people who’ve been injured by others won’t charge an upfront fee, so it’s needless to procrastinate, or be afraid of them. Attorneys work on a contingency basis, which mean that once a settlement is reached and the client receives money, they’ll also receive their fee. While some attorneys charge 40%, there are very competent attorneys who charge their clients 30%.

    Down and Out is Not Fun

    Being laid up in a hospital for the person who has a family, who had a good job, and was perfectly happy everyday is not fun. Being dependent on others is humiliating to the person who has always paid their dues, helped others, and whose family came first to …

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  • Keeping Your Information Safe from On Demand Court Records

    A lot of people are being victimized by having their personal information revealed through various electronic means. Consequently, the internet has become a potentially dangerous tool, as people’s personal information is subject to being revealed with the touch or click of a button on the computer or smartphone. One particular piece of information that people might not want to be divulged is their criminal record or civil court record. However, with the overwhelming frenzy of people wanting to hack other people’s information, including court records, this is a very serious matter.

    What Information Can Be Dangerous if Divulged

    There are websites that offer users information called On Demand Court Records (ODCR) and the websites are causing a lot of people embarrassment, and the potential of getting a decent job or living in certain places. This is a new area where criminal activity is actually being performed by those who are …

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  • Assessing A Dog Attack Case With Utah Injury Lawyers

    In Utah, dog owners must follow all laws related to securing their pets and lowering the chances of an attack. They must follow all leash laws and any ordinances related to enclosures. The pet owner must follow strict guidelines to prevent an accident inside or around their home. This includes placing their dog in a protected area to prevent access to visitors and service providers. Utah Injury Lawyers build cases for victims of the attacks.

    Why the Report is Vital

    The report to the animal control officer is vital as it lowers the chances of additional attacks. If the animal is dangerous to the public, the animal control officer is required by law to mitigate these risks. They must take action in the event that the dog has the rabies virus. This virus is fatal to all animals. However, there is a vaccine to prevent it.

    How Does Animal Control

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